What is ERASMUS PLUS? It is a project concerning the mobility of students and school staff in Europe.
Schools interested in these activities can apply for a grant to finance a school and work internship with European partners.
Students involved in mobility will attend school lessons and will work in the host’s local schools and enterprises so as to expand both their academic and professional training, and to increase their employment opportunities.
School staff involved in mobility will experience job-shadowing in order to acquire such training skills as programming, planning and relationship-building with host companies.
As far as our school is concerned, IIS CASTELLI has been chosen as a partner for two ERASMUS PLUS projects in 2016.
The two partner schools are Spanish: the first is the vocational secondary school "IES LEOPOLDO QUEIPO" from MELILLA, and the second is the CIFP school "CESAR MANRIQUE" from SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE, Canary Islands. Their students and staff will be our guests in April 2016 for four and eight weeks respectively.
Moreover IIS CASTELLI has applied for a KA1 VET project (Working and Studying Abroad) and has been chosen as a partner for three ERASMUS PLUS projects which will hopefully come into being in 2017.
In addition to the Spanish schools, a French school,  the Lycée Professionel Paul Langevin of the Saint-Joseph  will collaborate with our school.

Exchange Program with Finland

The new Ministry of Education guidelines (2015) put focus on practical work in approaching chemistry studies. Interfacing with today’s requests from the industrial world, schools have to answer to the constant development of new technology and new discoveries, especially in scientific fields.

The goal of our school is to prepare pupils via integrated learning, with laboratory activities assuming a central role in the building of the student’s individual knowledge.

Our Partners

- Vocational Secondary School "IES LEOPOLDO QUEIPO" of MELILLA, Spain
- CIFP school "CESAR MANRIQUE" of  SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE, Canary Islands, Spain
- Lycée Professionel “PAUL LANGEVIN” of  SAINT-JOSEPH ,  Reunion Island , France
- Viikki Teaching Training School of the University of Helsinki  (Finland)