What is eTwinning

eTwinning is the online community for school and college staff across Europe. You can register at any time to find partner schools, set up joint classroom projects in all curriculum areas and collaborate online in a safe and secure environment.

In this section you will find all online professional development opportunities that eTwinning offers at the European level.

- Learning Events are short intense and enjoyable courses that give you an introduction to a topic, stimulate ideas, helps develop your skills and do not require a long-term commitment in terms of your time.
- Online Seminars are live video-communication sessions of one hour where you have the chance to learn, talk and discuss about several themes.

Upcoming webinars and events

To apply and participate in each of these events you must be registered on eTwinning. We hope you enjoy these opportunities.

Learning event 2016: Using Edmodo to blend, flip and deliver online learning

14.11.2016 – 28.11.2016

Learning event 2016: Padlet as a daily tool for cooperation

20.11.2016 - 04.12.2016

Learning event 2016: HOME - Hands- On Math Enrichment

29.11.2016 - 09.12.2016

Learning event 2016: Let's flip the classroom

04.12.2016 - 15.12.2016

Learning event 2016: Building teachers’ skills in involving industry in STEM education

5.12.2016 – 16.12.2016

Learning event 2016: How to teach the First World War?

06.02.2017 - 19.02.2017


Here you can take a look at some  of our school’s  eTwinning  projects.

- Connect, Share, Inspire (go to Twinspace)
- Virtual Geometry Shapes (go to  Twinspace)
- The Beauty of Math (go to Twinspace)
Consortium habitat et développement durable de La Réunion (go to Twinspace)
- Video eTwinning Day for the  10th eTwinning anniversary  (watch the video)