The SITE (Study Intercultural Training Experience) Program is an internship opportunity for English-speaking teaching assistant in schools of Lombardy, Italy. It is an opportunity for students or recent graduates from US Universities who wish to get a better understanding of the Italian language and culture, while assisting local teachers and getting professional training on teaching methods.

The program is the result  of the cooperation between Dickinson College, PA - which acts as the liaison for a network of more than 40 US universities - and the Istituto di Istruzione Superiore  Luca Pacioli, in Crema - which coordinates a network of  about 50 schools in Lombardy. This cooperation is strongly supported by the Italian Embassy in Washington DC, the Consulates of Italy in the US and is made possible thanks to the active role of the authorities of the Region of Lombardy and the Education Office of Lombardy - foreign language and culture.

IIS B. Castelli participates in the SITE Network and takes advantage of the presence of a USA language assistant, Sean Pethybridge, for a two year period

Sean mainly assists CLIL teachers  before and during their lessons in English in all the fifth year classes, but also gives his own lessons in English about history and American culture during Italian or history classes.  As a result,  he helps teachers and students interact more fluently in English. He also participates in international projects by assisting teachers in writing proposals and by helping the administrative staff  build relationships with schools of other countries.